Send help, I haven't done proper HTML/CSS in years. I have no idea what I'm doing anymore. ᕕ(ツ)ᕗ
   Anyway welcome to my little corner of the web. Oh how I've missed having a fully customizable website of my own! This is a work in progress but almost every page works now. Please bear with me, and enjoy your stay!

   There's just until Halloween!


Sep 21, 2020: Woo-hoo! I finally figured out how to use frames with my side menus so I don't have to edit every single page when making a small change. :D
   Also, inspired by Lu of Lulu in Cyberspace, I've created a Virtual Sticker Album! I've also dug up a butt-ton of vintage sticker pics that I transformed into individual images that people can use in their own albums. Check out the "stickers" link on the right-hand menu and join the fun!
   Also also, got some new pixels up (blinky stars!), and two more shrines set up that I absolutely love. Hope you'll enjoy and maybe discover something new!

Sep 18, 2020: There's more graphics now! Including some pixel hearts I did that I'm quite proud of. Also I have officially finished my first e-shrine, and I'm quite pleased with it. This site has been keeping me so busy and I love it! <3

Sep 15, 2020: Well, no pages yet for Icons 50x50 or Buttons 88x31, lol, but! Links have been heavily updated and there's lots of cool stuff I recommend checking out. Even updated some of the old buttons I made for sites that had none so they look sharper.

Sep 14, 2020: Okay! Stamps, Userbars, Icons 100x100, and Cursors are all pages that actually exist now! And they have content! Blinkies also 'exists' but it has nothing on it yet because... I have yet to make those. Icons 50x50 and Buttons 88x31 hopefully will be built today at the very least, even if they're without content... ALSO! I really enjoy making these kinds of graphics, especially 88x31 buttons and userbars, so hit me up with your requests if you'd like! You can use the chatbox on the right. :D

Sep 12, 2020: Well, I think I've managed to relearn iframes. Partially anyway. If only I can figure out how to implement them throughout the site to make my life easier...