The Host



You can use these backgrounds wherever you wish, just
please credit me and don't edit or redistribute as your own!

Invader Zim: Years ago, I made seamless wallpaper patterns in imitation of Zim's house-base wallpaper! Unfortunately, I saved them as jpgs for some reason. So these are remakes of my original versions, saved in nice high-quality pngs!
simple flying saucer pattern, in purple simple flying saucer pattern, in green


TMNT 2003: I 'liberated' this chainlink fence pattern years ago from a MySpace page promoting
the 2007 film "TMNT." And I made some recolors for my own projects, but I'm not using it anymore.
So I'm sharing it here!
a chainlink fence tiled background a purple-tinted chainlink fence tiled background a blue-tinted chainlink fence tiled background an orange-tinted chainlink fence tiled background

Spirit Halloween: Yoinked from extremely old versions of the Spirit Halloween website.
a background of a rough-hewn stone wall a sort of rough papery background