January 2021

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"There's a Big-Ass Turtle Back There!"

Date: Monday, 01/25/2021, 11:55pm Location: Tampa, FL
Mood: Fine I Guess? Playing: n/a
Watching: GTLive - The FNAF Game I MISSED! | PopGoes FNAF (Scary Fan Game) Listening: n/a
Eating: Bugles Drinking: Arizona Honey Ginseng Green Tea

Gopher turtle in neighbor's yard.Today was fairly nondescript, I suppose, but for two things. The first was that on the way back from the grocery store, I spotted a quite large turtle (which my roommate identified as a gopher turtle) on our little street in front of a neighbor's mailbox. We quickly dumped off our groceries and ran back to find her having made her way into the next neighbor's yard. (You can click on the images to see bigger versions!)Top-down view of gopher turtle immediately after release.

My roommate retrieved her and handed her off to me, and we drove her a couple blocks to the nearby wooded area where we then released her, where hopefully she'll be safer than our culdesac. We stayed and kept an eye on her for a little while until she crawled off into the brush. She was so cute, and absolutely huge! Aside from snapping turtles I've never encountered a turtle that big outside of like, a zoo.

Turtles are easily in my top five animals, along with hedgehogs, isopods, and rabbits. Technically sea monkeys are up there too but I ran out of five slots. (I also really like unicorns but I'm not sure they count since they're not real? Lol.) I do wish I'd gotten a picture of me holding her, but we were too focused on getting her safe (as it should be, I suppose).

T-shirt with large horizontal black and white stripes and a logo consisting of a skull with a flower growing out of its mouth and a butterfly. Baseball tee with black 3/4-length sleeves and a large central logo consisting of a skull with a flower growing out of its mouth and a butterfly.

The only other thing of note that happened today is my much-anticipated Cloak Brand shirts from Markiplier's recent "Life After Death" release arrived! The striped tee seems to run a little smaller than my other Cloak t-shirt, which is a little weird but I'll live. I haven't tried the 3/4 sleeve one yet but man do I love the designs on these! Most of my shirts for many years have been black graphic tees so it's refreshing that I've slowly started building a little bit more of a more varied wardrobe. And these shirts are really nicely made, too.

Oh! But something from the last few days: I finally set up my 2.5 gallon freshwater aquarium for my fairy shrimp, clam shrimp, seed shrimp, and water fleas. :D I accidentally dyed the water a little brown thanks to tannins in the wood I used to decorate, lol, but fortunately the hatchlings don't seem to mind. I removed the wood anyway, and since boiling it for literally 3 freaking hours didn't get all the tannins out I think I'm just going to use the wood in the terrarium I want to set up for my Dwarf White isopods (also in a 2.5 gallon, so they should match nicely on the bookcase I'm getting!).

I plan on adding some simple plants to the aquarium, too, probably a Marimo ball or two and maybe some like, Christmas moss or something like that. I'm going to try to video the hatchlings tomorrow when the light is better (I can see them with a flashlight but unfortunately the flashlight is on my phone, which is also my camera, and I can't use both at the same time...). I'll either post to my hobby YouTube channel or I'll post it here, we'll see. Maybe both. :)

Well that was fun.

Date: Thursday, 01/07/2021 Location: Tampa, Fl
Mood: mixed but generally good? Playing: n/a
Watching: CaptainSparklez on Twitch Listening: n/a
Eating: Spicy Ramen with loads of sour cream Drinking: water and Sprite

So about an hour and a half ago I spent like ten minutes chasing roommate's freaking chihuahua through the cul-de-sac and someone's back yard because he chased the amazon guy when I tried to retrieve my package from the porch. :I Me running around in my shorts and thin pajama shirt, no bra, trying to catch that little turd. I was mad. Had to knock on the neighbor's door so I could run into their yard to get them, dog stopped to sniff neighbor's hand and I was terrified he'd bite him (he's a biter of people he doesn't know) and just aaaaa. Fortunately it worked out okay and I got him back in the house, but oy vey.

In better news, though, my new hand mixer and pie plates have arrived! I can finally bake stuff without struggling to mix by hand. o3o And I can make my grandma's cheesecake recipe, which I finally got a new copy of from my aunt at Christmas. Also got the black glitter paper I wanted for matting my new Darkiplier at the Beach print (I love Markiplier and his many characters X3) but I still have to get to Walmart for the frame I want. Might get a few of the frames while I'm at it, actaually, because I really like them and they're very well-priced (cool weathered-looking wood). Also also, my new pillows arrived; nice soft down-alternative ones that I love. I've almost replaced all my pillows with these ones now. They're just... they're so soft.

On a side note, I recently and quite by accident discovered that spicy ramen with a bunch of sour cream in it (the spice is too much for me without it, #whitepeopleproblems) is delicious and I think I've got a new favorite comfort food. It still almost hurts to eat it but it hurts good, lol. I think I'll be buying Nongshim spicy ramen again!

Art Incoming!

Date: Saturday, 01/02/2021, 4:00 pm Location: Tampa, FL
Mood: excited! Playing: n/a
Watching: "The Most WHOLESOME 'Cringe' TikToks" by Joinen on YT Listening: n/a
Eating: Grilled Cheese Sammich Drinking: Sprite

Ya'll I'm so pumped! I thought it was going to be a couple more months before I could commission the art I'm wanting for the splash page of my site (a coming feature) but because of the stimulus check I can afford to commission it right away! So within a couple weeks or so I should have the piece in my grubby little hands. :D I can't wait!

That's really all I have to talk about right now I guess. Uh, I burned my tongue on my grilled cheese sandwich which kinda sucks. And I'm adding some more links on my link page I guess. I really don't know what to do with my time recently. Meh.

I'm boooored.

Date: Friday, 01/01/2021, 2:30 pm Location: Tampa, FL
Mood: bored Playing: Don't Starve Together
Watching: Die Hard 2 Listening: n/a
Eating: Animal Crackers Drinking: Water and Sprite. :P

I'm watching Die Hard 2, which is great except that it keeps pausing to buffer because I'm streaming it. I tried playing Don't Starve Together but it keeps crashing due to a memory leak. And I don't really feel like playing anything else. I guess I could work on cleaning up my Tumblr tags but uuugh what a chore.

It's a new year, so there's that. Happy New Year! And goodbye 2020, good fuckin' riddance.

Here's to this year being a better one than the last!