February 2021

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Date: Saturday, February 13, 2021, 9:40pm Location: Tampa, FL
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Eating: Cheddar Chex Mix Drinking: green tea

Today was fun. Most of it consisted of laying in bed feeling like crap. I finally forced myself to get up and take a shower, My forearm, bearing multiple scrapes from my falland was feeling a fair bit better...

Then I tried to get dressed.

Putting on my shorts, I lost my balance and fell between the bed and the cabinet, scraping up my forearm and knocking the nano-aquarium askew, sending aquarium water everywhere, including all over me and the aquarium's power strip.

I seem to be mostly okay although my scraped up arm is complaining like I wrenched it a bit as well. Aquarium mess is cleaned up, aquarium is back in working order except that I need to put the backing back on the tank. And the power strip is being dried out. I got really lucky that my comforter and a pillow were filling that floorspace when I fell, I think. So could have been worse.

In regards to my last blog post, I never did hear back from the doctor's office like they said I would, either. It's been two weeks. I think I'll call them on Monday and complain.

In better news, the fairy shrimp are doing great, though the seed/clam shrimp seem to have died off (I think it's my own fault; in fear that I wasn't feeding enough, I think I overcompensated). I think I'll get more eggs when I can afford them; I like having a diversity in the tank and hopefully there will be a decent enough algae and beneficial bacteria in the tank with the new rocks/plants I've added to sustain them well. I've also thought about getting some snails, but I'm not sure what species I want. Something that stays small, at least.

Speaking of which, videoing and taking photos of these tiny guys is a heck of a challenge, but I did recently manage a pretty good still shot of my biggest female redtail fairy shrimp! The video only focused for a second but it was long enough. :)

There's also a beautiful big male in the tank, but he's so active I can't seem to get a decent shot of him to save my life, lol. I'll keep trying, though.

Weirdly those two grew big really fast while the rest are still pretty small, and I have no idea why. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In somewhat related news, I also want to share this cool video of my isopods (porcellio laevis) feasting on freeze-dried crickets. I think it's adorable when they run off with little pieces like they've won a prize.

Doctor Doctor

Date: Monday, February 1, 2021, 8:30pm Location: Tampa, FL
Mood: slightly concerned, actually... Playing: n/a
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So I did call the doctor's office as soon as they reopened from lunch. The receptionist--who's lovely, btw, and I'm not annoyed at in the least--was not happy to hear the doctor (who I guess is working from home) had never joined the video call. She commented that it was rude of him (lol) and put me on hold for nearly ten minutes while she tried to get ahold of the doctor. Unfortunately, he wasn't answering his phone. Which honestly is kind of concerning. I may have been annoyed but I wouldn't wish ill on the man.

Anyway she said she'd call me back as soon as she talked to him, buuuut surprise I never got a call back. So I wait with baited breath to see if they call me back tomorrow. Mostly at this point I just want to know if my doctor is all right.

Weird day.

PS: I think I'm going to add a little art section to my site where I can put the stuff I'm making from this year's 100 Days of Art (an art challenge put on by members of Gaia who frequent the art freebies forum there). :)

PPS: I still haven't posted a video of the aquarium, have I? I'll have to do that soon.

Ah Yes, American Healthcare.

Date: Monday, February 1, 2021, 12:45pm Location: Tampa, FL
Mood: tired and cranky Playing: n/a
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Eating: Spaghettios Drinking: green tea

So I had a doctor's appointment at 10am; a televisit.

They woke me up an hour before I intended to get up and an hour and a half before my appointment in order to get my vitals (after which I didn't dare go back to sleep).

I hopped into the waiting room at 9:55am, bracing myself for my doctor being an hour late as per usual.

An hour rolled by.

An hour and a half rolled by.

Two hours rolled by. It's now noon. I called their office to find out what the fuck is going on. The answering service answered with instructions to 'call back later' because the office is out to lunch until 1pm.

So I'm supposed to wait another hour while they have lunch??

I closed the waiting room. I'm hungry and tired and cranky.

Now watch them charge me a no-show fee. 🙃

Oh and I smashed my finger in the cabinet door last night, and it still hurts. So that's fun.

Happy February. :P