Isopods! Another of my strange little obsessions. I love these little guys (and the not-so-little ones, too)!
   Isopods are crustaceans--not insects--known by many names, including "roly-polies," "pill bugs" and "woodlice."
   They come in many many colors and patterns...
   ...and sizes!
   Yep, that last one, pictured next to an adult human hand, is as much an isopod as the roly polies you played with on the pavement as a child. The Giant Isopod lives deep in the ocean, feeding on detritus such as whale carcasses. And also alligators, apparently.
   You can actually interact (gently!) with real live giant isopods in a touch tank at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter in Marathon, Florida. (I really really want to go do this someday!)

There aren't really any songs about isopods, so
I'm borrowing their crustacean cousins, the crabs. ;)

a cartoon isopod