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Swinging on a Star!
Name Astro Called Astro Astro by TurtlePaws
Species Purrjinn Created January 7, 2020
Gender n/a Pronouns he/him
Size that of an average housecat Height 25 inches
Style stars and space Demeanor sweet but nervous
Species Summary

"Purrjinn are magical genies. They are bottles brought to life by a mysterious god who just really likes cats. Because of this, they look like cats. Their body (bottle) contains their magical essence."

"To make a purrjinn, the Purrjinn God first creates a bottle as a seed. Once made, a bit of magic in instilled into an object and sealed inside the purrjinn. The purrjinn then awakens and begins its life."

Purrjinn do not age and are essentially immortal; as long as there is magic in their bottles they will continue to thrive. Purrjinn do not eat or reproduce (and as consequence do not have genitalia). Their glass-like bodies are made from a nearly unbreakable magical material, however breaking is possible. If cracked, the purrjinn must quickly be resealed with a magical bandaid to prevent loss of magic; this purrjinn however will become weaker.

Purrjinn are tricksters, and while they do not grant wishes, they may well say that they do.


Astro by TurtlePaws
◼ Physical Description

Astro's vessel is filled with a frothy blue liquid, in which floats a glow-in-the-dark plastic moon toy. His face and limbs are that of a gray cat with light gray fingers & toes. His ears and tail are a deep blue dotted with soft yellow stars. His yellow eyes have permanent bags under them. His paw pads glow in the dark. The bands connecting his limbs to his glassy torso appear to be made from glowing soft yellow plastic, which match the moon toy floating inside him.

◼ Traits

• Contents: Frothy blue liquid with plastic glowing moon toy (common)
• Bottle type: Square (common)
• Tail: Super Long (common)
• Other traits: Glowy Paws (mutation?)

◼ Clothing


  • glowing toys
  • the moon, stars, & space
  • blankets
  • plushies
  • pillow forts
  • nightmares
  • scary movies
  • the dark
  • loud noises
  • Astro often uses his tail as a security blanket, and will bite it when he's nervous (which is often).
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