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Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.
Name   Natalie Davis Called   Natalie, Nat, Rave Girl Natalie by Slinkstrix
Species   human Ethnicity   Caucasian
Age   18 Nationality   American
Gender   female Pronouns   she/her
Height   5'6" Build   petite, athletic
Eye Color   blue Hair Color   blonde
Sexuality   pansexual, polyamorous Education   in first year of college
Style   bright colors, fun textures (glitter, fur, holo, you name it) Demeanor   bubbly and hyperactive, wants to be friends with everyone she meets

Known around her former high school as "Rave Girl," due to her intense love of all things rave, Natalie discovered the rave culture early in her teens and never looked back. She's otherwise a pretty normal American teen; she lives with her parents and is in her first year of college.

◼ Physical Description
Petite but in excellent shape due to all her dancing, Natalie has short blonde hair that seems to always be freshly dyed one bright color or another. She has bright blue eyes that are usually hidden by brightly-colored contact lenses, most commonly pink. She has multiple piercings in each ear and a stud in the right side of her nose, and her tongue is also pierced.

◼ Clothing
Anything bright and outlandish. For raving, it's usually a bikini or fishnet (or both), fluffies (leg warmers) and kandi (chunky, brightly colored, usually plastic, jewelry, sometimes with small toys danging from it), as much as she can pile on. She does try to keep a color scheme though (neon, rainbow, neon rainbow, et cetera).

For regular day-to-day, it's usually jeans or shorts and t-shirts or tank tops, and still quite a lot of (matching) kandi. She is a bit obsessed with kandi.

Besides dying her hair, Natalie also will often wear a wig, in all manner of color and style, from more normal "human-like" hair to dreads and cyberfalls--pretty much anything fun and wild goes.
  • raves
  • kandi
  • electronic dance music
  • energy drinks
  • rainbows
  • lectures
  • slow music
  • being forced to dress "normally"
  • dull colors
  • bigots
  • Natalie has an enormous collection of kandi, some made herself, some gifted and traded at raves, some bought online from sites like Etsy.
  • She also has a massive collection of rave wear, from holographic to furry to fishnet, from neon to glow-in-the-dark to light-up. She loves it all.
  • Natalie loves Pokémon and frequently incorporates Pokémon toys into her outfits and kandi.
To give some idea of Natalie's wardrobe.

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