virtual sticker album
Concept created by Lu of Lulu in Cyberspace. I loved it and had to create one of my own! If you want to start your own virtual sticker album, I have some sticker sets available 🡒here🡐, and you can get some from Lu's site as well!

holographic unicorn holographic rainbow
Lisa Frank: UFO Lisa Frank: smiley face planet Lisa Frank: comet Lisa Frank: rainbow star
Lisa Frank: rainbow-spotted dalmations Lisa Frank: rainbow unicorns Lisa Frank: turtle Lisa Frank: rainbow heart Lisa Frank: fish in a bowl Lisa Frank: kitten on a rainbow crescent moon Lisa Frank: rainbow unicorn among hearts Lisa Frank: kitten with rainbow hearts Lisa Frank: fish kissing Lisa Frank: dog with ball Lisa Frank: horse with flowers Lisa Frank: dalmation with bandana Lisa Frank: ballerina bunnies Lisa Frank: kittens and bubbles Lisa Frank: clown Lisa Frank: seal among coral
small flocked manatee eating sea grass small flocked manatee small flocked manatee with baby small flocked manatee
small flocked frankenstein's monster small flocked skeleton small flocked zombie small flocked werewolf small flocked mummy small flocked dracula
Donatello Leonardo Michaelangelo Raphael Donatello and Michaelangelo Leonardo and Raphael Splinter Shredder Foot Soldier
Donatello Bravo Leonardo Pizzarific Michaelangelo Powerfully Good Raphael All Star Splinter Awesome Mario Bros. Win With Mario Muppet: Animal Muppet: Dr. Teeth Muppet: Fozzie Bear Muppet: Gonzo Muppet: Kermit Muppet: Piggy
Muppet: Sweetums Ronald McDonald Says This Belongs to Key
cool pink dog with sunglasses tyranosaurus rex a bee on a flower